Best Sublimation Printers For Heat Transfers

Best Sublimation Printers For Heat Transfers [Top Rated Reviewed 2024]

Customization is what trending these days and ceramics and apparel are not behind. Therefore sublimation printing is becoming more and more important.

Heat transfer is an important step in process of sublimation printing, therefore, you need to have the best sublimation printers for heat transfers.

But there are so many things to look for! Cost of running is the first thing of many. And this list of things can become troublesome, especially for beginners.

Therefore, in order to save you the trouble, I , my friend have gathered data on five best sublimation printers for heat transfer. So, let’s start and find the perfect fit for you.

5 Best Sublimation Printers For Heat Transfers

1.     Epson EcoTank 376

Fisrt on my list of best sublimation printers for heat transfer is Epson EcoTAnk 3760 which is an inkjet printer with supertank system. It is also best suited for beginners because it is very economical both in upfront and running costs.


All you have to do is replace its ink with sublimation ink and print your designs without them being fade away over time. Since, 3760 is a printer with supertank therefore, refilling is cartridge free thus mess free.

Epson EcoTank 3760 is also known for its quality output in addition to its large production due to supertank system. I can attest to the fact that it produces prints of exceptional quality.

Another reason due to which this printer is on my list is because it uses Precision Core Heat technology due to which you can have designs that are more durable and attractive. I can ascertain that its produced colors are vibrant and saturated and the text is very sharp.

With this all-in-one printer, comes a 2.4 inches touch LED screen panel which is very sensitive and allows navigation very easily. Another impressive feature that I have found is its voice control feature which works very smoothly.

As far as the paper handling is concerned then this printer is not lacking either. It can accommodate more than 250 transfer sheets at a time. Speed of this printer which I have noticed is not quite remarkable.

Many Connectivity Options And Services

In addition to 3760 remarkable print quality, comes its many connectivity options including wifi, USB, and Ethernet. It can also integrate with AirPrint, Fire OS support, Google cloud print, and Mopria. It also has Epson Connect mobile utilities which adds cherry on top.


    • Lower cost per print.
    • Outstanding printing quality.


    • No support for flash memory devices.

2.     Epson Expression ET-2750

Second product on my list is also from the Epson Supertank series: Epson Expression ET-2750, which is simple to refill because of no cartridge system. Its refilling is also mess-free because with each plastic bottle comes a dock that fits into a receptacle. Due to this ink can be refilled without spilling a drop.


Expression 2750 is one of best sublimation for heat transfers because it comes with ink that will last much longer than expected. Thus it can save money in the long run.

I think its LCD screen is smaller at just 1.8 inches. Nevertheless, printer can control printing options without any trouble. Also, it saves you from yet another trouble with its auto duplex printing through which you can save 50% on paper costs.

Paper capacity of this paper did not delight me much with 100 sheets( plain paper) or 20 sheets (photo paper) accommodation in rear tray.

High Resolution

5760 x 1440 dpi high resolution ensures that all the prints produced are of tremendous quality. Also, with genuine ink, prints produced by it will not fade away.


    • Cost-effective.
    • Above-average photo printing.
    • Respectable speed.


    • Only 1.8 inches nontouch LCD screen.
    • Higher price tag with given features.
    • Average paper capacity.

3.     Epson WorkForce 7710

Top reason for Workforce 7710 to be one of best sublimation printers for heat transfers is its capability to use a wide variety of sublimation inks. If you want a good wide format sublimation printer that can do borderless printing up to 13 X 19 inches then this printer is for you.


It also uses PrecisonCore technology which means that washing away of prints will not be a problem. For me, its wireless connectivity worked great where I could print from my smartphone and from anywhere. With scanning options up to 11 X 17 inches, there are many connectivity options available with wifi, wifi Direct, Ethernet, and NFC.

All in all, this printer produces vibrant colors  due to its 4x DURABrite Ultra Ink cartridges (Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow)

Navigating around this printer is very easy due to its 4.3 inches touch screen, For paper accommodation, it has a 250-sheet tray on front and a 1-sheet override tray on back. Front sheet can alsao hold upto 10 envelopes or 20 sheets of photopaper.

Wide Variety Of Sublimation Inks

7710 has a wide variety of sublimation inks at its disposal making it perfect choice who wants to use third-party inks.


    • Economical printer.
    • Easy to set up.
    • Upto 13 X 19 inches printing.
    • Auto duplexing ADF.


    • Smaller paper capacity.

4.     Canon PIXMA G1220

Canon PIXMA G1220 is another best sublimation printers for heat transfer which needs to be converted into sublimation first. With a very satisfying experience for sublimation printing, it is a compact machine with a straightforward printing option, therefore there is no ADF or scanner seen.


I saw good saturation of colors when Canon PIXMA G1220 was used for heat transfer. However, for only keen eyes there are some bands of colors present.

I can say that it is a decent entry-level sublimation printer with a very low price tag and running costs, However there are limited features and speed is also slower, but it makes up for its shortcomings by producing excellent quality prints.

This printer is for those who especially have to print high-quality photos in greater quantity. But if you want to use it for heavy office work then my friend this printer is not for you due to its slower speed.

Borderless photo printing of upto 8.5 X 11 inches can also be seen. The text produced by it is also properly shaped and well-spaced. It does make you wait for results but its results are worth waiting for.

On testing business graphics, I saw nearly accurate gradients. Also, dark fills were decent given the price range. And the text was of legible quality also.

When the paper handling comes into picture, it is somewhat lesser with 100 sheet drawers, which can also be used for 20 photo papers of premium quality.

Nearly Accurate Color Gradients

At a given price range, this printer produces nearly accurate color gradients which is quite impressive


    • Lower running costs.
    • Decent photo quality.
    • Comes with around 18000 pages of black ink.


    • Outdated control panel.

5.     HP Laserjet Pro M452dw

If you are looking for best sublimation printer for heat transfer for your office then read review of this printer very carefully.’ HP Laserjet Pro M452dw  is a printer with better than average printing speed and printing quality. It can print up to 28 color prints without compromising quality, which makes it suitable for business that wants to complete their sublimation tasks in a given time.



HP Laserjet Pro M452dw has a  bigger footprint. It delivers prints with excellent graphics. However, its text quality is just mediocre but makes it suitable for most business use, nevertheless, due to its speed.

Laserjet Pro M452dw might come with a more significant price tag. Still, it also comes with better paper capacity, with a main tray capacity of 250 sheets and another multipurpose tray of 50 sheets, and a duplexer. But if this much capacity is still not enough for you then you can purchase an optional tray of 550 sheet accommodation.

Connectivity options include Wifi, NFC, and Ethernet. It can also perform printing by smartphones and cloud.

Faster Printing

Interested in purchasing a printer that is fast then this printer is best which can produce faster prints without any compromise on quality.


    • Excellent graphics.
    • Greater speed.
    • NFC, Wifi direct, Wifi, and Ethernet.


    • Average text quality.
    • No standby.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of printer do you need to print heat transfers?

Laser, inkjet and sublimation printers can be used for heat transfer printing. Look at the features of any of the above types of printer to make sure that it can handle the required job properly.

Is sublimation and heat transfer printing the same?

In sublimation printing, a process is used where fabric opens up its pores and absorbs sublimation ink, as a result, a high-quality product is obtained which will not fade away.

On other hand, in heat transfer printing, an extra layer is added on top of the product to be printed.

Is it better to do sublimation or heat transfer?

If you want to produce prints on light-color polyester then sublimation will be more suitable. However, if you want to print on any color or material type then heat transfer is for you. Also, note that prints produced by sublimation will also last longer than heat transfer.

Wrap Up

Printing by means of heat transfer can last longer than other types of printing. But to achieve proper results, make sure you own a printer that is most suitable for such type of printing.

For this sole purpose, I have compiled this guide where I have made a list of five best sublimation printers for heat transfers, out of which the top three are listed below:

HP Laserjet Pro M452dw: due to its excellent speed, and graphics production. Also, due to its higher paper capacity.

Canon PIXMA G1220: due to its high-quality photo printing.

Epson EcoTank 3760: due to its high yield.

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