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Best Sublimation Inks for Stunning Prints: 5 Top Rated Options

Ink is the heart of a printer and in case of sublimation printing, it is heart and soul as well because the quality of design on products is highly dependent on the quality of ink.

By choosing the best sublimation inks you will be able to print in volumes without compromising on quantity. It will help you print designs that are perfect and seamless. If you select an incompatible ink then all your efforts can be destroyed in seconds with your printer too.

Therefore careful consideration and effort are required for selecting a sublimation ink, especially third-party sublimation ink that is suitable for your printer and your printing needs.

Good thing is that, unlike the past, sublimation inks are now compatible with several models of printers. But still choosing one can be a daunting task. In hopes of minimising your efforts, I have reviewed five best sublimation inks which are as follows:

1.     Printers Jack Sublimation Ink


Printers Jack Sublimation Ink for Epson EcoTank ET-2720

If you want a sublimation ink whose prints won’t fade in sunlight then I must recommend Printers Jack sublimation ink for you. They are the most durable and one of best sublimation inks I have seen so far that has passed the test of time.

It is a UV protected ink that is also water-based, which means that it can execute heat transfers without bleeding. It is also compatible with Epson Workforce and EcoTank which is like a cherry on top.

Clogging heads of printers is not an issue now as this ink is supported by triple-layer filter technology that prevents heads from clogging. Also due to this technology, I have accomplished projects with vivid and bright colors with very smooth textures.

With the auto stop feature of a nozzle, you can easily refill without any spillage, also all of this can be done without any help from a syringe which makes things much easier. Printers Jack ink thrives to deliver absolutely best results. Also, their compatibility with printers is also very huge which means that you can print anything from banners to cups.

But keep in mind one thing that it can deliver best result only if the substrate has less than 30% cotton. Also, when you heat transfer your prints by using Printer Jack ink the whole process will take around 40 seconds. Also, it is totally ICC free which makes your printing experience more convenient.


  • Higher durability.
  • Triple layer filter technology.
  • Anti ultra-violet protection.
  • Easier installation without a syringe.
  • Smudge resistant.


  • Absence of key top.

2.     Hippo Sublimation Ink

Hippo Sublimation Ink


Are you are thinking of starting a sublimation business then Hippo sublimation ink is the best third-party sublimation ink to start your journey. The reason is its compatibility with many printer models.

Dull prints will no longer be on your to-tackle list. Hippo sublimation ink has the ability to deliver vibrant and intense colors that will make your sublimation products stand out in crowds. Even strong light will not affect them.

Future more, its ink particles are smaller than ink outlets which help in keeping clogging away. Its prints are very resistant as they can withstand water exposures without any difficulty.

Hippo inks have also acquired MSDS and ISO-9001 certificates due to their condescending textures and gradients. The ink is really quick drying which makes whole process a lot faster. What is more convenient is that its bottles are nozzled which is easier to maintain. Refilling is done without any syringe which makes whole process of refilling a lot simpler. Also, you can keep them for future use after opening them. They are also suitable for Epson Expression, EcoTank, and workforce printers. DIY printers can also take this ink but keep in mind that you will not be able to use any other inks afterward.

Ink by Hippo is also not affected by ICC profile which helps in achieving colors that are actually required.


  • Durable ink.
  • Vibrant colors.
  • UV resistance.
  • MSDS and ISO-9001 certified.
  • No need for a syringe for refilling.
  • Rich textures.


  • Insufficient black inks.
  • Not suitable for printers that are already set with other third-party inks.

3.     WOKOK Sublimation InkWOKOK Sublimation Ink

A sublimation ink from WOKOK might be the answer to all your sublimation needs which makes it another one of best sublimation inks that is compatible with every type of printer.

Smudge free nature of this ink makes it suitable for busy workplaces also. It is a very powerful ink that is resistant to sunlight no matter how intense it is, it will never fade away because of Anti-UV technology which will prevent colors from oxidising.

WOKOK is also waterproof which means it can withstand many washes without any difficulty. All of this makes it a very durable ink. You can also activate its ICC profile by contacting their customer service.

Three layer micron filter technology protects printers’ heads from clogging and results in producing smoother prints without any lines. This ink is suitable for every Ecotank printer which makes its application very wide.


  • Longer shelf life.
  • Ease of use.
  • Compatible with all sublimation printers.
  • Smidge free.


  • Cannot print on glass.
  • Cannot print on fabrics with more than 30% cotton.

4.     HTVRONT Sublimation Ink

Another one of best sublimation inks with high permeability and saturation, bright and vivid colors that last long with a high heat transfer rate is HTVONT sublimation ink.

Due to its high quality, it can be transferred without breaking or any lines during heat transfers, the quality of prints can be justifiably determined as non dulling, none discoloring, and most importantly not fading away in Sun because it is highly resistant to sunlight.

What protects the printer’s head from blocking or clogging is its astonishing three layers technology. This technology also aids in making the whole process a lot easier and simpler with smoother heat pressing.

HTVRONT sublimation ink comes with yet another remarkable feature which is its advanced nozzle which can prevent any kind of leak while refiling. There is no need of squeezing bottles while refilling which makes the process of ink refilling very simple.

It’s better and upgraded nozzles are specially designed for ET series. Ink is filled easily without any need for a syringe which is very convenient as it will not only prevent spillage but also protects clothes from soil.

This sublimation ink can be applied on many products like mugs, hats, polyester fabric, or polyester coated fabric. It is worth noting that many users get stunned by looking at dull prints on sublimation paper. Worry not! As they will become bright, vivid, and colorful when heat pressed on the substrate.


  • Three layer filter technology prevents clogging.
  • None fading in sun.
  • Upgraded nozzles prevent spillage.
  • Vivid colors.
  • Wider application.


  • Does not print on cotton fabrics

5.     TBTeek  Sublimation Ink

TbTeek is a brand of sublimation ink that is not very famous online. But it has gained much popularity among professionals due to its high quality yield yet low cost tag.

Being readily available, and compatible with EcoTank and Workforce series adds it under the banner of best sublimation inks.

TBTeek is a low viscosity ink that can dry up very quickly. Due to this next process of heat transfer become easier and quicker. Also, low viscous ink and nozzle heads keep the printer head unclogged. This ink comes in four different colors with syringes included. Keep in mind that due to syringe system, refilling needs extra care. As far as ICC profile is concerned, it is available online for free, and can be downloaded for Windows and MAC.

TBTeek tends to deliver prints that are color accurate and fade resistant. Also, they are best for small offices because of their smudge-free nature. It is also anti UV protected. When hard surfaces come up for sublimation then they become difficult sometimes to operate on. But in case of TBTeek, this will never happen.

By using TBTeek sublimation ink you will have super sharp text and graphics due to its higher transfer rate. But its list of compatibility is not so vast which might send some users away.


  • ISO 9001 certified.
  • Fade resistant
  • Vibrant prints.
  • Anti-UV protection


  • Not many printers are compatible, especially Epson 2720.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all sublimation inks the same?

Of Course not, no two sublimation inks are the same. Therefore it is highly advised that do proper research prior to purchasing one of best sublimation inks. Also, it is worth checking whether ink will be suitable for your printer or not.

Can I mix two different brands of sublimation inks?

You cannot mix two brands of sublimation ink because every sublimation ink’s viscosity is different. Also, their particle sizes are different. Mixing two sublimation inks will only damage your printer.

How long do sublimation inks last?

Sublimation inks are only good within six months of opening them. After this period, you will face clogged heads, banding, and color shifting.


Sublimation ink is a very basic supply that can compromise the whole process. If you have bad sublimation ink, then it won’t matter how amazing your sublimation printer or paper is. Therefore it is imperative to use the best sublimation inks.

And for this purpose you need to have enough knowledge about basic sublimation printing needs. Only then you will be able to choose the best sublimation inks. After careful study, I have gathered these five sublimation ink that will pass the test of time with flying colors and might be useful for you. Out of these five, my top three recommendations are:

TBTeek Sublimation Ink: simply because it is good quality ink and must have exposure to user.

Printers Jack Sublimation Ink: due to its easier installation and quickest drying time.

WOKOK Sublimation Ink: due to its greater shelf life.

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