Best large format printers for architects

Best Large Format Printers For Architects | 2024 Updated

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best large format printers for architects that are made especially for architects. Just like architects has a job to bring the imaginary vision into reality for which it needs some designing tools, applications, and some useful software.

For all these, it is important that you can use on a daily basis to scan, print out your task beautifully beyond your imagination that will be of great benefit to you. It is important for architects that their printer is so efficient to perform tasks like blueprinting, architects drawing and maps beautifully.
There are some large size printers used by most of the architects.

The printers we are going to talk about here has made the life of the architects easier. They came with multi-task performance with high resolution in a short time.

Top 10 Large Format Printers For Architects

  1. Canon PIXMA Pro9000
  2. HP DesignJet T130
  3. Epson Stylus Photo R1800
  4. Canon PIXMA IX6820
  5. Brother MFC-J6930DW
  6. Epson HD XP-15000
  7. Canon Pixma iX6520
  8. Laserjet Enterprise M751n
  9. Epson SureColor T5170
  10. Canon 9856B002AA
Best large format printers for architects

Best Large Format Printer For Architects Reviews

1. Canon PIXMA Pro9000

Canon is also the topmost printer brand that comes with a high resolution of about 4800 x 2400 dpi. We thank Canon for providing such a lot of additional high-quality resolution print.

There are a lot of elements that come along with this printer like additional adobe Photoshop, software, safety, and installation sheets. It is perfect for architects either if you want a home photo Lab this is the best option for all of them like portraits, scenery, etc. This printer will create great kinds of sharp and beautiful images.

It possesses eight different color palettes of ink-system. This color system will add color to your print that will shape your vision and your thinking in a color print way. To get the premium quality print this printer has got a very fantastic photo Lab quality of 11-inch x 14-inch color print in just 1 minute and 23 seconds.

This outclass printer also has some supporting features, one of which is that it has two separate paper paths one path is capable of holding 20 photo paper sheets and seconds path can hold one sheet at a time, it also supports fine art paper of about 13″ x 19″ for both color and the classic black and white prints.

It also has front paper feeding support for heavy-weight papers. This is a very advanced type of printer that comes with Easy-Photoprint Pro plug-in software. As I mentioned, this is an advanced type of high-tech printer that also has an automatic feature of ambient light correction that optimize prints according to the lighting condition.

With the advanced Print head technology, this printer gives you high-quality color glossy touch pictures with maximum resolution. A good printer is characterized by being long-lasting print quality, and this quality we got in this printer with FINE technology that allows us to keep your color print album for the next 100 years without making any difference in quality.

What’s special about it is that we can easily transfer data in just one attachment of cable with the plug after that you can print your photo from DV Camcorder, digital camera, or smartphone.

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  • High resolution of 4800 x 2400 dpi
  • High-quality print
  • Choice of fine art papers
  • Fast
  • Poor text quality

2. HP DesignJet T130

We thank HP for not letting up its performance, all the things it has given are great. One of them is the HP DesignJet T130, this printer comes with a high-quality resolution of about 1200 x 1200 dpi.

One of the best features of this printer is its speed for both the black and color print up to 30 ppm for black and 20 ppm for color. This printer has 4 ink cartridges system to make your prints look great. And it supports media sizes A4, A3, A2, and A1.

If we talk about the output of this printer then its outcomes come with very good graphics and that too in less time. This advanced printer can perform 5000 pages per month which is enough for a quality printer work cycle.

To transfer data from your smartphones and from your USB it has a Parallel and a USB port. It is compatible with PC, Mac, Linux, and UNIX. We can choose this printer because of the classy photo output of a large size with highly resolved graphics and performance.

It will be a very useful printer for in-home marketing use and for architects’ best choice to reflect their thinking and color their lives with high-quality photo print.

  • Duplexer
  • Compact design
  • Great print quality
  • Supports multiple media sizes
  • Heavy
  • Little bit noisy

3. Epson Stylus Photo R1800

We are very grateful for Epson for its another great R1900 Inkjet Printer. This printer is actually made for professional art which adds high-quality graphics beyond your imaginary color world.

The best thing in this printer that is more than other printers is the high resolving power images with glossy and matte touch. It can resolve images up to 5760 x 1440 dpi.

The print speed of this printer depends on the size of the image. Normal size image can be print in just 42 seconds to 1 minute 51 seconds which is a very short time with the best quality photos special CD’s and DVDs option is present in this printer.

CD/DVD tray allows you to insert a CD that prints 8 borderless sizes of 13-inches wide and 44 inches panoramic. The quality of R1800 is that it gives soul to the print it is like all the things that are given in the photo are like live and real image.

The high resolution can get through Epson’s signature Ultrachrome high-gloss ink, other than that eight individual color system is present which differentiate it with the other printer quality resolution.

Well, the greatest ever thing is its archival pigments which give up to 200 years of life to your images. This printer is filled with a variety of colors and optimizing technology which Automatically gives dark shades and glossy touch on matte papers automatically for a long time.

  • Excellent image quality
  • High print resolution
  • Easy setup
  • Low Ink usage
  • Very large and heavy printer
  • Costly Ink

4. Canon PIXMA IX6820

Comes to another fantastic Canon PIXMA IX6820 model. If you are an architect and you want to design a charts for print out , you can choose such a cheap printer.

The operating system compatibility for this printer is with Windows 7, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Mac, and more.

The best thing is its FINE print head technology. The amazing thing about this printer is that it has an auto sheet feeder of up to 150 sheets that automatically feed with a five Individual ink system that makes it the most diverse and helps it perform well.

Like other printers, it has a range of best resolution of about 4″ x 6″ mailers to 11″ x 17″ spreadsheets, 600 x 600 dpi for black, and overall up to 9600 x 2400 dpi. The ink droplets nozzles for color and black printing are different in the range of 4,096 for color and 1,024 for black together makes 5,120.

If you want to make your business ideas a reality than extract this reality out with this Canon PIXMA IX6820.

The best thing is that software can easily install and setup in this printer. There is a software called Image Garden software. From this offer, we have a special type of filters and full HD print photos features, you can make your work creative with these features so that no one will be left impressed by your photo workprint.

It is a low-cost printer that offers a 4.4 cent per page cost and 12.6 cents per page for a color print of A4 size. The print life is 300 plus years, 1 picolitre of ink droplet can give high and resolved prints.

  • Affordable printer
  • FINE print head technology
  • Good quality performance
  • No duplexing feature

5. Brother MFC-J6930DW

It is an all-in-one inkjet printer with all features of the scan, copy, print and, fax, etc up to 11″x17″ Ledger-size and up to 50-sheet ADF. The printer has got a wonderful body having a width, dimension and height are 22.6” W x 18.8” D x 14.7” H.

As we know the life of a printer is justified by its performance. High-quality Ink cartridges are used for this printer which gives sharp images for the architect’s gallery.

Like the rest good performing printers, it has automatic two-sided printing so that there is no need to work manually but it has a single-pass duplex copy option. As I have mentioned, this printer is an all in one packet which carry all features with it. This printer is limited to two years warranty after purchase.

Nothing is easy to handle but this printer’s specialty is that it has a flexible paper handling system. What makes it a good paper handling printer is that it has 500 sheets capacity with automatic duplex printing.

It has a capacity of 50 sheets for scan and copies purposes this printer has a separate tray of 50 sheets that is the present for card stock and envelops purpose. Its good performance also saves your time and gives you good prints with high-quality graphics.

The advantage of this A3.7 Color display is that it gives you direct access to scan with the cloud services. there is no need for computer connectivity.

Something is best when you can buy and that thing has all features that affordable things for a long period of time will be used. The same goes for this printer its A4 size per paper cost 1.7 cents, and for the color page it cost becomes 7.4 cents. Its cost is low as half of the other Inkjet printer.

Apart from the above features, the most important feature is the connectivity option because we know that connections make transfer easier. The connectivity options of this printer which includes The wireless system so you can easily connect your printer with the wifi devices, Ethernet, USB connectivity, Wifi.

It also supports Kindle Fire, Windows Phone, Android, or Blackberry mobile devices via AirPrint, Brother iPrint, Google Cloud Print) are also available.

This printer is not so difficult to understand it does not mean who are aware of color sense and photography since you can use it you can also use it for the office workplace.

The Brother brand has a Brother cloud app services that allow you to use to touch screen capture images and transfer them to the printer machine for printing.

  • AIO
  • Low running cost
  • Fast speed
  • Ethernet and SD card
  • Low-quality graphics
  • No SD card

6. Epson HD XP-15000

Whenever you talk about quality, you can associate the name of Epson with it, while maintaining the same quality, Epson has come up with another model known as Epson HD XP-15000.

It gives a very high resolution of about 5760 x 1440 dpi. And because of its good resolution, its color prints are very beautiful and clear. Also, we can print out even the other documents like charts, graphs, and spreadsheets which requires extra sharp and clear color images.

One of the restricted property of Epson is that you can use the ink and cartridges of the Epson only. It has the option to refill. You can do your job well and refill the ink when it working become slow, the printer gives you a signal about ink usage.

The most important and special thing is the wireless technology system that you will not find in any other model that you can transfer data without cable standby, it has also wired based system too.

From this printer, you can get the HD photo print of 13-inches x 19-inches. In this printer, you have the option to have the two trays one is front and the other is rear obliging 200 and 50 trays capacity.

The amazing characteristic is that its versatile paper handling ability which can handle all kinds of papers whether it will be plain papers, matte papers, or glossy color papers. It is not much as costly the running cost of Epson HD XP-15000 is different for black and color pages that are 4.6 cents for black and 13.9 cents per page for a color page.

It is true that the printer is made for printing out a high-quality photo image especially for architects who can print color full photo with high and best quality resolution. The quality of the good thing is that it can be an element that can be fixed anywhere as same is that of this printer, it can be adjusted anywhere because of its compact body.

  • High photo quality
  • Print borderless images
  • Compact printer
  • High running cost
  • Slow print speed

7. Canon Pixma iX6520

When we talk about the beauty of images, there is no doubt that we have the Canon Pixma iX6520 inkjet printer. The highest resolution of about 9600×2400 dpi which provides high-quality and detailed prints.

We can print a great kind of color photo in only a short time period of 37 seconds. Don’t you think this is quite enough?

This printer possesses versatile paper handling ability that can hold and print photo images of 4 x 6 inches with the best quality and sharp touch. It can also hold a large size paper of about 13 x 19 inches.

Five color ink system is present as well as both the separate and combine ink tanks are available in this printer which includes Cyan, Black, Magenta, Yellow) and it also contains a separate PGI-225 XL Black Ink Tanks.

Mostly large format printers are made for architectural purposes that we can also use for office purposes too to make posters print for beauty. Different templates come with this printer which adds beauty to your image and designs.

The technology that converts images like scenery, night shot, night scenery portrait. Even in the print outs where there is some space left behind showing your print image not clear then there is an automatically TECHNOLOGY that will overcome this defect is offered by this printer.

This is also another compact printing machine that can easily fit with your PC or another device in a small architectural business or for offices.

You can also make movie clips into Full HD movie print by Canon EOS Digital SLR and by PowerShot cameras. This is one of the beautiful with a stylish and modern design fit for the use of Architechs.

Because of the FINE head technology of this printer, the photo prints are very beautiful and these high-quality prints can be prevented for its Chromalife of 300 years.

How even that is possible with all its best features, the connectivity option could not be discussed. Thanks to Canon for providing an active and fast connectivity USB option in this printer for data transfer through your other smart devices.

  • High speed
  • Excellent photo quality
  • Affordable ink cost
  • FINE technology
  • Unpleasant sound
  • Slightly hard setup

8. Laserjet Enterprise M751n

As I told you in this article about the HP brand, there is another printer that is used for many purposes. Its print quality is very good to print architectural designs at affordable prices.

From this Laserjet Enterprise M751n, you can get 11 x 17 inches outstanding quality prints. The special thing about this printer is that it can manage high-quality work in a short time period of about 40 pages per minute with a 2.7″ color LCD display, this feature enhances its beauty and reliability.

Having the premium streamlined quality of Laserjet Enterprise M751n it gives you a professional and high-class color print this large format color printer is actually designed for outstanding high-class prints.

To save your time a good printer is one that can be used for any business purpose. It is only the printer that can be used for the work that can handle a lot of paper at a time with paper handling accessories and pre-installed toner and drum.

You can use this printer for business and for an industrial level because of its high and world best security which you couldn’t find in any other printer. You should be able to use this printer without fear of a security attack. It helps to stop the security attack by detecting it earlier.

It possesses other simple features like its connectivity with Mac and windows deceives. The setup of this printer is very easy to install. you have a great opportunity to use Original HP 658A/658X toner cartridges which are specially designed for this color laser printer. The services support of this printer is also great which you can get back for free with 24 hours, 7 days a week.

  • Ethernet
  • Excellent graphics.
  • 1200 sheets of paper capacity
  • High speed
  • Little bit expensive
  • Lacks Bluetooth

9. Epson SureColor T5170 36” Wireless Printer

What can I say further for Epson? I have opened it and told you about it. This is another model Epson SureColor T5170 36” Wireless Printer which is very easy to operate with the resolution of 2400 x 1200 dpi.

It can print 1 and S-size print in a very beautiful and large format in just 31 seconds. The main thing you should know is its 4.3″ LCD color touchscreen which can make your job easier. Epson SureColor T5170 is a kind of compact printer with a small footprint, its body is very sleek and can easily fit anywhere.

In just 31 seconds it can print D-size print, blueprints, line printing, and poster print very easily up to 36 inches. With this printer, you can get the printing of very good and smart designs with excellent graphics.

The auto sheets feeder and roll media sheets including A3, A2, and A4 are also present. It’s just at your fingertips to give the command and automatically do the printing.

Epson has a large space of storing cartridges, for example, 50 mL color storage and 80 mL black cartridge storage are available which gives more beautiful and precise prints.

Another features of this printer are that you can do prints by connecting it with any devices in the offices, whether it’s your smartphone, tablet, or Wifi you can direct print.

If we talk about the connectivity it is clear from the name that it has a wireless connection, Ethernet connectivity, and USB too.

  • High-quality prints
  • Easy to install and easy setup
  • Flexible and versatile options
  • External scanner connectivity

High price tag

10. Canon 9856B002AA image PROGRAF iPF770

Let’s go back to Canon whom I have already described to you about Canon, the biggest and the most reliable brand. This Canon image Prograf iP7770 is an approx 36-inch large format printer for architects. It is specially designed for designing posters, flyers, etc.

To create the high-level color images latest, the magenta ink and six-ink cartridges enable you to make a brilliant quality image.

If we talk about this printer speed, you can see from its name that it is a good brand having high speed, it can do A1 23.39″ x 33.11″ print in just 25 seconds, it’s just wow for the Canon users.

There is a sub-ink tank system. If you want to refill ink then you have to wait for the ink to be finished first to avoid interruption to meet your goal print.

To make it even easier it has a media configuration tool that makes your job easier and you can print at high speed using a sub-ink tank system by ink usage in economy mode or in minimum quantity.

Let us now turn to its pre-installed software called Canon cloud portal solution from where you can share and print anywhere. Posters for artists can easily be created through this printer in a large format with high-level graphics.

Although, one of the special things about it also has the ability to convert PDFs by connecting it with Apple iPad it also has a mobile printing app and the essential image PROGRAF print utility.

You can print your work in a large format through this printer either it is of any office file like Word, Excel, or Powerpoint. Ethernet, Wifi, and USB option for connectivity is available, no direct and NFC connections are available for the users of this printer.

  • Easy setup
  • High-quality large format prints
  • Ideal print speed
  • Roll paper option is unavailable


It becomes necessary for architecture and it is difficult to select which printer will meet their needs and make their work more beautiful. In order to select the right one all the things are to be considered, you have to take care of the good speed and flexibility of the printer, one that has less color ink usage, and having versatility with precise output.

We’ve told you about the different types of printers that can be used by architects for architectural purposes.

At the end of it, before buying the best large format printers for architects use you just have to look at your pocket to choose your printer according to your need and budget.

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