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5 Best Sublimation Papers for High-Quality Prints | Expert Reviews [2023]

Sublimation business, a rewarding yet sometimes difficult-to-handle business where you have to take care of many things. Creativeness ( designs you make), sublimation printers, sublimation inks and sublimation papers are the most important things. Whether you are looking for good sublimation supplies like best sublimation papers for your next project, or researching to start a new business in sublimation, I have got you covered.For sublimation transfers that scream high quality, your sublimation paper matters. It is what makes sure that your design transfers to the product perfectly. In this guide, I have reviewed five best sublimation paper brands and listed their pros and cons as well. All of which will help you decide on which brand to choose.

5 Best Sublimation Papers for High-Quality Printing

1.       A-Sub Sublimation Paper

A-sub 125gm sublimation paper can deliver high-quality designs on products like light-colored polyester, ceramics, metals etc. It is compatible with almost all sublimation inks and printers which makes it too demanding.If you are using fast-drying inks, then A-sub paper will not disappoint you as it is very fast drying. Also, it can withstand more stress and it will not crease during heat transfers. Prints that are transferred by using A-sub sublimation paper are of vibrant colors. Also, it will not let the ink bleed due to its thickness like cardstock paper.I appreciate the fact that while using this sublimation paper, I can immediately start pressing it due to its quick dry feature. It is an affordable deal where you can get 110 sheets for under $20. It is worth noting that colors will not be vibrant on the paper itself, but after application, you will see quite vibrant colors. I think these sheets will always be a great help in your business, whether you want to print on T-shirts, tumblers, ceramics, or other quality products.
    • Higher transfer rate.
    • Thickest paper.
    • No creasing.
    • No bleeding.
    • Quicker to dry.
    • Produces dull results rarely.

2.       Hippo Sublimation Paper

Hippo sublimation paper is another one of the best sublimation papers with a 120 g weight. During my study of this paper, I saw mostly transferred designs of high quality with vivid, bright, and even colors. Although, some colors are not well saturated as they should be. Text transferred is also thoroughly readable. Many users reported having faced zero issues while transferring ink to the substrate. I also found it to be quick drying.It is compatible with other inks too but works outstanding with Hippo inks Brighter designs, vibrant colors, and greater ink absorbing and releasing capacity all under $18 is a deal worth noting. When using it for bigger prints like on tumblers, hoodies, etc, it worked really well by releasing ink perfectly. It is an easy-to-use sublimation paper but sometimes it gets harder to tell which side to print because they have removed the wording from to-be-printed sides and have changed it into light pink color which sometimes makes it difficult to distinguish.
    • Quickly drying.
    • Works perfect for wide format printing.
    • Greater ink absorbency.
    • Higher ink release.
    • Sometimes difficult to identify to-be-printed side.

3.       HTVRONT Sublimation Paper

With ultra-high transfer rate of 98% comes yet another best sublimation paper namely HTVRONT sublimation paper. Thing I love most about it is its wide applications from T-shirts to key chains. Compatible with all inkjet printers and sublimation inks, this paper delivers quality with consistency. Moreover, I must praise its line sharpness which is just superb with outstanding lay-flat performance. Also, it is very fast drying with no visible fracture.You will also be saving a lot in terms of ink. One thing I would like to mention is that after printing paper will look dark but do not worry because this is totally normal, you will achieve your vibrant colors nevertheless. Keep in mind that you will need to protect it from direct sunlight. All remaining sheets of paper must be kept in the box all the time otherwise you will get curl ed up sheets and you will be the only one to blame for that. This product is, however, not reviewed most on other sites, but I had to get it covered because of its amazing quality which is comparable to Hippo sublimation papers, and also, for it’s great value for money.You will face some issues like paper jamming and some minor shades of unwanted color here and there but almost rarely. But hey, these rare occurrences have been found in famous brands as well. Therefore, I will really tell my users to give it a shot and I am sure you will not miss much.
    • Smoother printing.
    • UV-resistant.
    • No wrinkles and cracks.
    • Must be kept away from direct sunlight.
    • Prone to get humid.

4.       Koala Sublimation Printer

Not 125gms or 120gms, a sublimation paper with a rather unusual weight of 123gms which is capable of absorbing a greater amount of ink due to its thickness, perfect for sublimating mugs, tumblers, and t-shirts. 98% of heat transfer rate and greater ink saving will make it your go-to sublimation paper very easily. For me, it is enough to be said a premium sublimation paper that can ride out repeated washes very easily. It can also withstand sunshine and high temperature without being cracked.Prints will not fade away or get wrinkled either, which makes its place among the best sublimation papers. Results and colors produced are not as good as A-sub but given the price tag, it actually delivers better than expected. Also, another issue that I have found during my research is that it leaves white residue on products, but not to worry as you can dust it off after prints dry.
    • No cracking.
    • No fading.
    • No wrinkling.
    • Quick dry.
    • Leaves white dust on products when heat pressed.
    • Sometimes jams printer.

5.       Printers Jack Sublimation Paper

Want to ensure high-quality prints that won’t fade away? Then you should try Printers Jack sublimation papers which is another one of best sublimation papers that are used by professionals. After careful research on Printers Jack sublimation paper, I can say that they are very easy to use. With compatibility with almost all types of sublimation inks and printers like Epson, Canon, Sawgrass etc, they produce very high-quality results with crisp and vibrant colors with a weight of 120 g One thing that I have noticed is that they will be able to save a lot of money because they consume a lot less ink. Also, their transfer rate is pretty awesome with a 98% score.Quality of sublimation paper is very great and I have found almost no jamming, wrinkling, and fading. With quick dry speed, it can make your business run faster. Many beginners will find this sublimation paper to be best sublimation paper to start their journey because it is very affordable and easy to use. Because, it is a thick paper, therefore ink bleeding issues are almost zero.The ink will always stay where it needs to be which I really appreciate. Almost zero! Yup, because sometimes you will face some marks and also some jamming but both of which will occur once in a blue moon.
    • High-quality results.
    • Wide applications.
    • Easily identifiable printing side.
    • Compatible with all sublimation printers and inks.
    • Sometimes jams the printer.
    • Leaves marks rarely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is thicker sublimation paper better?

Yes, thicker sublimation papers are better as they can withstand more heat while pressing. Also, they will not draw lines in your design and are less likely to crease. They are also known to transfer designs better.

What is the thickest sublimation paper?

A-SUB 125 g is the thickest sublimation printer. It can hold ink better due to its density. It is always recommended to use thicker paper if you want greater color saturation.

Is a sublimation paper better than a transfer paper?

It depends on the surface you are using. For example, HTV will be a better candidate for a black shirt because you cannot sublimate white. For white or light color substrate, sublimation paper will work best. Read Also: How to Bleach Shirts for Sublimation


Sublimation printers and inks are not the only factors for a successful sublimation business. Supplies do matter more than you think. It will not matter whether you have best sublimation printer and inks, if the medium through which your design will be transferred to substrate is not good enough then all your money plus your creativity will be in vain. And that is where the best sublimation papers come into spotlight. They are thick enough to allow the absorption and release very easily. Only the best brands with specific weights have been discussed here in hopes that it will be easier for you to choose one. If you are new to sublimation or thinking of experimenting with new sublimation papers, then my top three recommendations are: HTVRONT Sublimation Paper: mainly because it is a lesser-known brand, but it has all capabilities and is cheaper. A-Sub Sublimation Paper: because it is the heaviest paper thus provides greatest ink results. Printers Jack Sublimation Paper: because they are beginners friendly sublimation papers.

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