Best Sublimation Printer For Mugs

7 Best Sublimation Printer For Mugs Reviews [2023]

Any personalized item, like a mug, makes a lovely and meaningful gift for anyone. Finding shops that offer personalized mug printing, however, is a pain in and of itself. The best thing is to purchase best mug sublimation printer, design your own mugs at home, and sublimate them to avoid that problem.

Making your own personalized sublimation mugs is a comfortable and hassle-free activity that gives you much creative freedom. Mug sublimation is a lucrative industry today, so you can do it for fun or as a side gig.

Mugs can be quickly transformed from simple and uninteresting to colorful and customized. These personalized mugs appear outstanding and extraordinary. In actuality, it is not as demanding or stressful profession as is commonly believed. All you need is a mug press and a sublimation mug printer to get started.

However, if you buy correct printer, task will only be trouble-free. In the article below, I’ve put together a list of best sublimation printers for mugs that particularly stuck out to me.

Best Sublimation Printers 2023

7 Best Sublimation Printer For Mugs [Reviewed 2023]

1.     Epson ET-2800

User Level: Professional

Unquestionably, Epson ET-2800 sublimation printer is among the best mug sublimation printers for mugs I have looked into. You may add this cutting-edge, waste-reducer, high-quality printer to your workspace and print mugs of your dreams.

It is appropriate for both commercial sublimation operations and hobbyists. I can confidently state that this premium printer will produce a vivid and precise outcome. You may increase product’s quality by utilizing this quality, no doubt.

One of the mind-boggling features that I have observed is that you don’t even have to touch your mobile or printer to print desired image. The voice-activated command system will help you in no-touch printing.

This printer has a large ink tank, so you don’t need to change small cartridges that run out pretty soon, which I have found to be very cost-effective. Each ink bottle may function roughly equivalent to 90 cartridges; this lowers plastic waste while also enabling you to save up to $1000.

The wireless printer is white and prints with inkjet technology. The colour printing speed is 5 PPM, and black printing speed is 10 PPM. 100 paper sheets may fit in input sheet tray, which is a lot, in my opinion.

Mobile device and printer are linked via wifi. Using Epson smartphone app, you may print any image onto sublimation paper.

Print Without A Touch Of  Finger

With this printer, you are able to print without even touching printer which is what stands out most to me. All you have to do is use voice command feature.


  • Can print wirelessly.
  • Has a flatbed scanner.
  • Can print in high quality.
  • Work with Micro piezo heat-free technology.


  • Slower speed.
  • Can not fax.

2.     Epson ET-16600

User Level: Beginners, Professional

Wide format, high sheet capacity, and multi-functionality of Epson ET-16600 make its print shop-quality images appealing to me.

Technology for wireless inkjet printing is present. It can print on sublimation material with a sheet size of up to 13 x 19.

ET)16600  can scan or copy documents up to 11 x 17 inches in size. During my investigation, I discovered that its precision core technique enhances printing quality while lowering heat release.

You can print necessary data using its automatic document feeder without ever touching the printer. You can connect your device to printer via ethernet or wifi. The clever mobile app makes using sublimation simpler.

I have found this camera very cost efficient as it can print on both sides of paper. It also has a cartridge free ink system, which makes it able to reduce plastic water.

Print With Lower Heat Release

16600  works with a precision core technique by which you can reduce heat while printing.


  • Has duplex printing feature.
  • Works with precision core technology.
  • Has ink bottles.
  • Higher sheet capacity.


  • Takes up a larger space.
  • Heavier.

3.     HP ENVY Photo 7855

User Level: Beginners, Professional

First thing that attracted my eye and compelled me to take a closer look at HP ENVY Photo 7855 was its distinctive shape. It’s safe to state that, despite model’s great features, I was not dissatisfied with its performance.

Because HP included Alexa compatibility in design of this printer, using it is simpler overall. Forget about wasting hours attempting to connect your device to the printer because it also has a USB connector and wireless alternatives. In a few minutes, connectivity will be completed for you.

Additionally, inclusion of thermal printing technology in the construction of this printer will guarantee that printed mug designs have gorgeous and vibrant colors. Additionally, it boasts a 4-in-1 design that allows for printing, scanning, copying, and faxing of documents.

High Speed Printing

Printing speed of this model, which prints nearly 40 black pages in a minute, is icing on the cake.


  • Great price.
  • Work with thermal printing technology.


  • Cannot print on larger sheets.

4.      Canon PIXMA G6020

User Level: Beginners, Professional

Canon PIXMA G6020 is a wireless printer with a large ink tank that offers affordable printing. For me, it is an ideal sublimation printer for mugs because it generates beautiful images at a reasonable cost.

PIXMA G6020 has great connectivity options, allowing you to link your device to printer via USB, Ethernet, WiFi, Apple AirPrint, or Canon mobile app.

No longer need to change little cartridges because it comes with ink bottles that take their place. These ink bottles can be used to refuel tanks. It employs pigment-based and dye-based ink formulations to produce images that are long-lasting, precise, vivid, and colorful.

Since it produces more paper than other inks, you can quickly print flawlessly without sacrificing quality. All of your photographs can be scanned, printed, and copied. Conveniently, you may simply scan and email your photos. 350 sheets of paper can fit inside of it. Black printing moves along at a rate of 13 photos per minute, while color printing moves along at 6.8 images per minute.

Easily Refillable With Ink Bottles

Comes with ink bottles which you can use to fill tank which make you print happily without worrying about changing little cartridges.


  • Has a Mega ink tank.
  • Produce high quality results.
  • Productivity is also higher.


  • There is no automatic feeder.

5.     Canon PIXMA TR7520

User Level: Professional

A portable, adaptable, and practical sublimation printer with built-in wifi is Canon PIXMA TR7520. It’s the perfect printer for homes and businesses. For me, a single location where I can complete all of my jobs.

TR7520 is not your typical inkjet printer because of its excellent mug sublimation printing capabilities and simple operation. There are two trays; front paper cassette can hold 100 pages, and the back tray can hold 100 sheets plus 25 sheets of photo paper.

Due to its built-in WiFi and fax, I have found it to be simple to use. You may connect to printer by Bluetooth, built-in WiFi, cloud, air print, and USB connection.

Memory card slot is also available, which makes it more useful. You will just need to replenish the empty tank because it has five distinct ink tanks. Because of its 3.0-inch LCD touch screen, I have found that it functions well.

Fit Anywhere

Small-sized areas can be utilized by fitting this small sized printer.


  • Has a dual sheet tray.
  • Compact size.
  • Has an automatic document feeder.


  • Comes with no warranty.

6.     HP ENVY 6075

User Level: Professional

When it comes to high-quality tools and devices, particularly printers, HP is one of the top brands. One of the nicest sublimation printers I have ever used, especially for printing on products like mugs, is HP ENVY 6075..

Moreover, the 6075 printers can do additional duties like document scanning and duplication in addition to producing beautiful prints for mugs in your kitchen. As a result, purchasing this clever piece of technology will give you a 3-in-1 model. It is a deal because it is reasonably priced as well.

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Connectivity possibilities for this printer have also been expanded by HP. To connect to printer and print out vibrant designs quickly for your mugs, utilize Bluetooth, WiFi, or a USB. Additionally, printer includes a sheet tray with almost 100 pages of space. Therefore, this model is quite outstanding for occasional or bulk mug printing. To heat press your mugs, you may easily print a variety of designs.

Sleek Appearance

HP Envy has a highly distinctive shape that gives it a sleek appearance


  • Affordable price.
  • Can print on wide sheets.
  • Compact design.


  • Ink cartridges are smaller.

7.     HP ENVY Photo 7155

User Level: Beginners

The fact that HP ENVY picture 7155 is constructed of recycled materials is something I truly like, as it’s fantastic for environment.

ENVY Photo 7155 is a terrific sublimation mug printer because it was created specifically for photo printing. By assisting you in printing high-quality images with faster connectivity, it can greatly simplify your work.

Price of each product, can also be reduced, which will undoubtedly increase your earnings. For mug sublimation, borderless printing makes it perfect.

Several options for connecting to the gadget and quickly printing your images have been observed. If a WiFi connection is not available, you can use Bluetooth to connect your devices to printer instead of quick dual-band wifi.

SD card slot is also available. All you have to do is insert your camera’s SD card, then use colored touch screen to select and print image you need. It can also be controlled using the voice command capability or HP printer app.

Colored Touch Screen

Comes with a colored touch screen which makes it more appealing.


  • Has slot for memory card.
  • Allows Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Ink cartridges.
  • Affordable.


  • There are no USB cables.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of printer do I need to make mugs?

Sublimation printer is required if you want to print mugs with your own unique, vibrant, and beautiful graphics on them. You cannot create sublimation prints that can be applied to various mugs without a sublimation printer.

What kind of mugs can you sublimate on?

Only the mugs that have a specific coating can be sublimated. By adding glaze to mugs’ design, this coating makes it simpler to sublimate designs onto mugs. The mugs are typically ceramic underneath glazed finish.

How long do you sublimate a mug?

4-5 minutes. The process of sublimating designs onto mugs typically takes 4 to 5 minutes. However, heat press’s temperature setting determines how long sublimation takes to complete. In addition, duration of sublimation is also influenced by pressure that is put on heat press.


You can only bring your ideas to life and print designs on mugs if you have best sublimation printer for mugs.

The sublimation mugs are attractive, durable, and delightful to eye. But  best sublimation printer for mugs is required to ensure that picture won’t chip or fade away while washing. If not, all of your work and effort will be for nothing.

As a result, choose one from list of alternatives I have provided above. My top picks are the following top three suggestions.

HP Photo 7855:The HP Photo 7855 needs to be on your desk if you’re seeking for one of best sublimation printers for mugs that are affordable but still offer good performance. This model’s distinctively curved body houses useful features including an auto-document feeder, Alexa connectivity, and many more.

Canon PIXMA TR7520:One of the best mug sublimation printers is Canon PIXMA TR7520. You may stay connected to your work from wherever thanks to its outstanding connectivity. This little printer can fit in a small area. It is unquestionably a multifunctional printer that may assist your family in creating presentation outlines and assignments in addition to enabling you to pursue your interest in designing mugs and tees.

Epson ET-2800:The Epson ET-2800 is best sublimation printer for mugs since it uses Micro Piezo Heat-Free Technology to produce high-resolution images. This technology enables printer to produce vivid, well-defined text and images that will undoubtedly improve mug’s overall appearance and toughness. It is simple to operate and control. To print easily, use control panel, Epson smart App, or voice command service.

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