What tape to use for scrapbooking

If you are new to scrapbooking, you may be wondering what tape to use to secure your photographs and embellishments in place. The right type of tape can make all the difference in the finished product of your scrapbook. In this guide, we will discuss the different types of tape available for scrapbooking and which ones work best for different projects.

When it comes to scrapbooking, choosing the right tape is crucial to ensure your photos and mementos stay in place. Using the wrong tape can result in your project falling apart or your pictures becoming damaged. In this guide, we will provide you with everything you need to know about what tape to use for scrapbooking.

Types of Tape:

There are several types of tape available for scrapbooking, and each one serves a different purpose. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of tape and when to use them.

  1. Double-Sided Tape:

Double-sided tape is a popular option for scrapbooking. It is ideal for attaching photos and embellishments to your pages. This tape is acid-free, making it safe to use with your precious memories. The adhesive is strong, but it can be repositioned if needed. Double-sided tape comes in various widths, making it versatile for different projects.

Tip: To avoid visible tape lines on your project, use a thin double-sided tape and apply it to the edges of your photos or embellishments.

  1. Washi Tape:

Washi tape is a decorative tape that comes in a variety of colors and patterns. It is perfect for adding a pop of color to your scrapbook pages. This tape is easy to tear, making it a great option for layering and creating borders. Washi tape is acid-free, but it is not as strong as double-sided tape, so it is not recommended for attaching heavier embellishments.

Tip: Use washi tape to create a border around your photos or to highlight a specific area on your page.

  1. Photo Tape:

Photo tape is specifically designed for attaching photos to your scrapbook pages. This tape is acid-free and safe to use with your photos. It has a strong adhesive that ensures your photos stay in place. Photo tape is available in both permanent and removable options.

Tip: Use photo tape to attach larger photos or to create a collage of smaller photos.

  1. Foam Tape:

Foam tape is a great option for adding dimension to your scrapbook pages. This tape has a foam core that elevates your photos and embellishments from the page. Foam tape is available in various heights, allowing you to add as much or as little dimension as you like.

Tip: Use foam tape to create a layered effect on your scrapbook pages.


Can I use regular tape for scrapbooking?

No, regular tape is not recommended for scrapbooking as it is not acid-free and can damage your photos over time.

How do I remove tape from my scrapbook pages without damaging them?

Use an adhesive remover specifically designed for scrapbooking. Apply a small amount of the remover to the tape, wait a few seconds, and gently lift the tape off the page.

Can I use washi tape to attach heavy embellishments?

No, washi tape is not strong enough to hold heavier embellishments. Use a stronger tape such as double-sided tape or foam tape for heavier items.

How do I know which tape to use for my project?

Consider the weight of your photos and embellishments when choosing your tape. Double-sided tape is great for attaching most items, but for heavier items, foam tape may be necessary. Use washi tape for decorative purposes or to add borders to your pages.

How do I store my tape?

Store your tape in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Keep it in its original packaging or in a tape dispenser to prevent it from getting tangled or damaged.


Choosing the right tape for your scrapbooking projects is essential to ensure your photos and memories stay in place. Double-sided tape, washi tape, photo tape, and foam tape are all great options for different types of projects. Remember to consider the weight of your photos and embellishments when choosing your tape, and always use acid-free options to ensure your memories are safe for years to come.

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